Street Life Poem by Rage'n Curtis

Street Life

Rating: 4.8

Life can be rough
and life can be good.
Life can be both
when missunderstood.

Out on the streets
where life is served cold,
striving to survive
are the young and the old.

They eat our food
strait out of the trash.
None wanting to do with
sparing some cash.

Cold are the nights
on those chilly winter days
when I walk down the street
I can feel her gaze.

The gaze of a girl
with nothing to loose,
but the clothes on her back
and her only two shoes.

As I look at this girl
all I feel is the pain.
Of how this world will
remain the same.

Lacey Peter 01 May 2009

id say a 10 and wat rissa k.night said ur goin to change duh world ^^ yay u!

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The Native Emo 13 April 2009

this is a really nice poem...sum ppl wouldnt even care about the poor...ur gonna change da world I can tell

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Gutter Box 19 November 2008

nice poem i really enjoyed reading it. keep on writing

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The poor will always be with us.All we can hope to do is survive and share.You have a good way of rhyming and raising social conscienceness awareness.Keep writing-we need to be reminded of the less fortunate.A ten from me.BTW I was a hippy and homeless in my younger years but I turned my life around with a little help from my friends.Sometimes all you need is someone to believe in you even if it only yourself. PEACE

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Vanessa Roman 14 August 2008

I love this poem. I agree with you and feel you on everything you wrote.

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The Native Emo 13 October 2009

hey babe dis poem is badass so much about it in little bit of words

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Crazy Vampire 09 June 2009

Awesome Poem! I do believe we should do more to help the poor but unfortunetly our government does not want to help.: (keep up the good work!

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love the poem dude, it made me think of my home town back in Minnesota it's sad jsut how true your poem is

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Marla Smith 09 May 2009

It gives you a good look about what it is like living on the streets and makes you think. Keep up the good writing.

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Rose Cook 02 May 2009

beautifully writ i like it

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