Hit Man Poem by Rage'n Curtis

Hit Man

Rating: 3.6

I am a killer,
born to serve.
Raised without care
I have plenty of nerve.

I'm in the buisness
of killing and death.
I do what I do
I have nothing left.

I am ruthlessness
in human form.
I slay without mercy
I'm not to mourn.

I do the dirty work
for bloodthirsty men,
who have alot of
money they want to spend
to put someone's life to
a screaming end.

I now know the purpose
I have on this earth.
Dont free me from my burdon
and rid me of my curse.

Somday when i'm dead
and my soul is submerged,
I hope to be rid of
my bloodshed urge.

Arabian Heart 12 June 2008

a harbor of death controlled by people of greed truly a way of the enemy thats what i fear

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Stone Granite 02 June 2008

A darkly write and well-done. Great stuff...

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~ Jon London ~ 02 June 2008

Amazing piece, raw talent drips down each explosive line......you're fine writer Hippy Curtis....'10' Regards Jon

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Frank Cannon 15 April 2008

The devil needs hitmen too... possibly a long term career then! ! Nice work Alan.

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Ana Monnar 09 September 2007

This would make a great movie.

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Joya Feghaly 25 May 2009

F***in amazing! ! ! ! ! i love it! ! !

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Jazz Annis 14 May 2009

that was an insanely awasome poem you have goin on there 10+

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! l0v3 2 g3t l@! d 07 May 2009

AMAZING i love dark poetry its great! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Lacey Peter 01 May 2009

shaaaweet dis 1 awesome also me gives 10 lol

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Emo Seb 29 July 2008

amazingly written. kinda scary, in a good way. luv this 1 too.

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