Simple Verse.No.5- Under A Peepal Tree Poem by Valsa George

Simple Verse.No.5- Under A Peepal Tree

Rating: 4.9

Wan and weary,
In sultry heat,
He walked on and on
Through the dust and dirt
Of the bustling street
Looking for a shade.

Paving his way
Through by lanes
At last.....
Reached a quiet spot,
Full of green cover.

Like an Arab,
Coming upon an oasis
Amid the panting sterility
Of the desert sands
He rejoiced.

It had an air,
Of monastic seclusion.
A mysterious charm!
A sedate calm!

Here he sat
Under a peepal tree.

Soon was lost in a reverie.
What thoughts
Coursed through his mind,
He had no idea.
But found himself in a cave
And to his horror, saw
A human countenance
Staring at him
From a dusty corner.

A shriveled old man
With gnarled face
And projecting cheek bones
Resembling a mummy
Curiously preserved.

But it moved
Drawing closer… still closer

He noticed
The man’s quaint appearance-
Flowing black garb,
Flaming eyes,
Grey wiry hair,
A chain of skulls around the neck
Many sinister objects around

No doubt….
A necromancer……! !

Without a second glance
He ran....
And again ran!

What was it that he heard?
The thud of a coconut falling?
The barking of a dog?
_ _ _ _

Now he knew
It was all a dream
A dream within a dream
While he fell off into a snooze
Sitting under the Peepal tree!


Yes, life is a dream and dream under the tree is dream in dream. What he dreamed like Buddha? Saiva ashes in the Grave? Much to think.Nice.

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Hans Vr 29 June 2013

Beautiful story, very ncley written.

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Shahzia Batool 30 June 2013

Valsa Ji, it's melodramatic narrative, i would like you to visit Phantasmagoria on my page! ! !

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Tribhawan Kaul 01 July 2013

I was seriously enjoying the poem when the last stanza brought me a wide smile. Beautiful hooking poem.

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Kavya . 01 July 2013

i was taken away with ur poem, in the dream beautifully painted by u.........

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Kumarmani Mahakul 19 March 2019

An amazing expression has been made on a story through the peepal tree under where a person enjoys the terrific dream on a snooze. Nice penmanship with touching flow. I love this poem. Thank you for sharing here. Full vote madam.

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Loke Kok Yee 03 November 2015

simple but oh so lovely but I must remember to avoid peepal trees thanks valsa-10

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Savita Tyagi 04 July 2013

Beautiful poem! Paints a full story. In childhood we were cautioned about Peepal tree. Rest yes! Sleep no!

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Somanathan Iyer 04 July 2013

This is absolutely amazing. real enlightenment. thanks for this beautiful piece.

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Elena Sandu 04 July 2013

My dear friend this is a brilliant, excellent write! Trees, I believe may have a special power, if we spare some time near them could help us connect to ourselves or even further, to our ancestors. Loved this poem, it speaks to my soul, thank you!

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