Smiling On The Death Bed. Poem by Dr. Antony Theodore

Smiling On The Death Bed.

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See the invisible.
Feel the intangible.
Strive hard to accomplish.
No time to be wasted,
but find time to relax.

Then again perform
according to your inner call.

Then you will achieve
The impossible.

This is your calling
to leave the indelible
mark of your existence.

Die a sweet death
smiling on the death bed.

Thursday, May 12, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: aspiration,work
Amar Agarwala 12 May 2016

Another of your creations that deserves mention. Good Work!

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Binayakumar Mohanty 21 November 2018

This is a calling to leave the indellible mark of your existence.Every line of the poem has its importance.Well crafted. Please read my incomplete series 'Valmiki.Regards.

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Roof Missing 14 May 2016

There are surely many kinds of death and many ways to look at each one. I pray that you may keep this attitude as your own death approaches. If it is idealistic still it points toward personal responsibility which is always good. I think however that there is no personal failure in acknowledging sadness and even fear at the same time we embrace faith in God's provision for our (hopefully) immortal souls. I personally see your poem more as a call to embrace the now, our own lives, than smiling at death. Death is a real mystery and for me I would rather smile at God (even if he is only in my own mind) than death. For if God is real and we do have souls then death itself does not exist and has no real power over us! Good poem!

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Thank you for this wonderful comment. love to read your words.. thank you sooo much. tony

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Randhir Kaur 13 May 2016

Die a sweet death smiling on the death bed..... Wooowww...this is great..lovely write..

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Fantastic message, welcome death when it comes, with a smile, aspirational work perfect 10 like to give

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Sriranji Aratisankar 13 May 2016

Die a sweet death smiling on the death bed. excellent. Enjoyed,

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