So It's A New Morning Poem by Rigzin Namgyal

So It's A New Morning

so its a new morning
I can hear the birds chirping, still having hangover from yesterdays
party, now every break up seems like a party, they say love is life, but for me love has always been chimeric, for me friends have been life
and friendship, a madness, I have always loved their company, we all know of the story of the moth and the flame
and the fate moth meets, the same is my story, the vicious cycle goes on
so its a new morning
yesterday i have buried in the cacophony of Sean Paul's song
gyrating myself out of a hopeless story, I was chasing a mirage, chasing a shadow, they say love is strange, it is really strange, strange is life
so its a new morning
and i used to talk to her, for hours, listening to her laughs, her jokes, a friendship soon boiling into love, a beautiful feeling, that was indeed love, I felt it, umpteen times, theysay love just happens, you never know and by the time you realize you are already deep into it, it does not need reason
so its a new morning
one more page adds to my book of defeat, i am again lamenting a broken song, one more dream gone wrong
so its a new morning
life is not rosy, life is not moon, stars and daffodils, it is not a river dale story, life is brutally dark, life is ugly, life is Bukowskian
and now i am loving this darkness
so its a new morning
I feel like a stupid, I laugh at my yesterdays, for i was looking for a truth that never existed
so its a new morning
and as i write these last lines, a butterfly lands on this page
nothing more to say

Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: musing,thoughts,writing
Hezekiah Toheeb Tiamiyu 01 April 2016

I love this, I love the use of imagery and the strong presence of enjambment.... and the story was well passed....lovely

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Indranil Bhaduri 09 February 2016

Beautiful. Realisation..romanticism, self introspection, feelings, thoughts, expressions.. all blended. Great write friend.

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Patricia Grantham 04 February 2016

An interesting write on love and life. There is always another day to start all over again. Nice.

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 03 February 2016

nice one.. i wrote just is not easy....19 Never get fear And bear calmly with full faith Till the arrival of death Life shall take you And sail through All hurdles With less struggle

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