Silence And Symbols Poem by Rigzin Namgyal

Silence And Symbols

Rating: 5.0

i did not understand symbols
you taught me symbols
you gave me symbols
we spoke in silence
we spoke in symbols
now silence and symbols have lost the way
i have forgotten to understand symbols
' you ' spoke symbolically
till the moment
you broke the ' silence '

Dave Walker 29 November 2011

Great poem really like it. A great write. May i invite you to read my poem called, Rise Of The Crow.

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Elena Sandu 10 December 2011

Good poem, nice written, hahahaha, there are times when we all wish to go back to the signs and symbols, nice poem, thank you for share.

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Shivani Gupta 09 December 2012

just've articulated the feeling very well..great

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Neela Nath Das 12 October 2012

A broken heart seeks symbols from his dear one to find solace that his love is there/has not lost its grace!

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Saadat Tahir 08 January 2012

:) silence itself too...may be just symbolic there is hope... very nice idea there. keep writing cheers

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Sajna Kailas 04 January 2012

haha nice one. what a thought! loved it Rigzin! keep it up! God Bless You! ! ! !

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Vipins Puthooran 03 January 2012

Signs and symbols we used in the past become signs and symptoms of the present/ A good poem, dear poet! ! ! ! Top marks! !

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