Some Poem by Jim McGill


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Some do
Some don't
Some will
Some won't
Some can
Some can't
Some shall
Some shan't

Some there
Some here
Some smile
Some snear
Some listen
Some talk
Some praise
Some mock

Some polite
Some rude
Some gallant
Some crude
Some cower
Some fearless
Some cheery
Some cheerless

Some bright
Some dull
Some collect
Some cull
Some start
Some finish
Some fat
Some thinnish

Some hide
Some show
Some search
Some know
Some stop
Some go
Some reap
Some sow

Some first
Some last
Some slow
Some fast
Some get
Some give
Some die…
Some live

Tuesday, January 10, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: Life
What we see and experience every day — simplified!
Bri Edwards 15 June 2023

Jim, I plan to put this poem into my June 2023 Showcase of PH poems I share with members. bri ;)

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Kim Barney 12 June 2023

Some poem! Cute rhymes, some times.

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Jim McGill 12 June 2023

"Some poem! " I like that. For me, rhyme is hard work. I never seems to cone easy. Thank you for reading it.

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Denis Mair 12 June 2023

It all adds up to balance. Some condense, some drag out. This is a celebration of pared-down language.

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Jim McGill 12 June 2023

Simpler would be: Some condense // Some expand. It's sort of Yin / Yang opposites that balance. Thank you for reading it.

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Bri Edwards 12 June 2023

I like 'simplified'. five stars. : ) bri

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Jim McGill 15 June 2023

‘Simplified' results from a single digit IQ. Thank you Bri

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Jim McGill 12 June 2023

I have a single digit IQ. That's why it's simple. Thank you.

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Rob Lamberton 15 January 2023

That just about sums it up! A cute and witty write.

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Jim McGill 16 January 2023

Thank you. I try to keep things simple. Add humour if I can. Sometimes I get it right…sometimes I don't. I appreciate your feed back.

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