Sometime Something Works..... Poem by simran arora

Sometime Something Works.....

When i got something,

for me it was just a crazy sting...
Which staired me up for a start,
which made me grow as i a part,
risind from fallen standerds,
shining and emerging together,
now it only catchin and catching a head further...

When i got something....
I all though realised,
enjoyed it and make it wise,
keepet it with goals with in,
even tied with circles and rings created me and emerged with in....

Ketan Hukare 06 July 2013

This piece of yours certainly shows modernization in the world of poetry ;)

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Xelam Kan™ 04 July 2013

Mmmmmmmm poem? ? ? Of course it is........ century 21st.... a nice blend of prosaic and fancies.... Surely set new standards of the sacred ART called poetry........ Find couple of words new to my poor comprehension....

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Vishal Sharma 30 June 2013

nicely written well penned poem love your spirit of writing great talent

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Unwritten Soul 30 June 2013

Sure, it does work sometimes, and many times, just do try who knows the possibility, no one try your best as it works maybe, because we never know if we never try..sometimes it just turn be a huge great things _Soul

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