You Are One Poem by simran arora

You Are One

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A teacher is one who,
Can groom every creation,
A teacher is one who,
Can enhance every admiration,
A teacher is one of,
The true inspiration,
A teacher is one who,
Give us our right elevation,
A teacher is one to give,
Us a chance to step in there generation,
With them our life,
is full of celebrations,
They may dare to use quotation;
And these quotation,
Should have fixations,
Every student is unsuccessful,
Without there inspiration,
After all a teacher is more important
Then Alfa, Beta, Gamma and Newton.

Bhavik Bamania 27 September 2011

Perfect description of our teachers.! Keep it up!

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Dave Walker 27 September 2011

This is a very good poem. The flow of The poem is there from start to finish. Really good.

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Subodh Pandey 27 September 2011

Nicely written verse.blessed to have such teachers.

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Emma Adamyan 26 September 2012

precious poem, underlines the most important ingridients of the true teacher. it explains through the poetry that few could become real teachers, although lots of ppl have been getting this proffesion

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Jameel Ahmed Ansari 21 January 2012

hehehe..last lines says a lot..lovely poem Simran..

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Young Church Poetry 19 January 2012

Great poem, all teachers deserve a credit.

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Daniel Nnamani 25 October 2011

I like this your Ode, it is a good poem....keep it up

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Vipins Puthooran 27 September 2011

Excellent poem..every teacher, may be a school teacher or spiritual teacher is always our treasure in our life. All we can remember about them are the inspiration they instilled in us to mould us as good humen beings... Top marks for you 10*10.

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