The Hidden Love-Suicide Poem by simran arora

The Hidden Love-Suicide

Rating: 3.8

Suicide is the hidden love for something, someone,
It is the last option to skip from any tension,
This is the stage without stares,
And remind all fares,

Here the world is against the only one,
And I no one whose help can be mention,
Emotion for justification traps our heart,
And wishes to leave some last line on a card,

These line always remind every person,
And then every one says that he was the one,
The person gives up the life,
By tourcher knife,

Without thinking a conclusion,
That every related regiment was affected,
Then no one had accepted,
This only happened because of the force on and on,

Money, Power, Status, and home loans,
Legal notices or messages on phone,
Or burden of studies and many prone,
And unjustified fun?

Strength of one can not be expend,
But still it is in our hands,
Why to Pressure for some stupid things?
First remember that he is also a human being

With some emotions and wishes,
And remember mom’s hug and kisses,
He always selects the way parents wanted,
And never have confidence to show them in front.

They top enhancing them self,
As first a fall they want a help,
They fail in achieve the goal,
Regiments start dancing on his head,
As it is a dance floor.

Thread of disaster standing on the door,
Without any option of safety or cure,
Destroying the passion, emotions and creation,
The person move to the last option,
That is exception-suite.

Mohammad Muzzammil 23 November 2011

Really nice poem that is full of emotions and its every word touches our heart. This stanza shows your sorrow that is universal- These line always remind every person, And then every one says that he was the one, The person gives up the life, By tourcher knife,

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Avinash Shenoy 23 November 2011

true realistic poem.

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Ace Of Black Hearts 22 January 2012

Good writing my friend. It should never be the last option. But yet more times then not it is. And sometimes it angers us to the it is so hard to forgive. Abandon by those who you love. A absence from the god above. Reason upon reasons. Try rationalize the irrational. Their is no right answer for such a cancer. No matter what you do it still happens. Second guessing yourself doesn't do much but make you feel as if you follow. A trend in the water we must dilute. A final dictation read aloud as if we should proud. The devout shun all on their belief. They won't allow a proper burial for the family and loved one to grieve. Religion above death. What a mess.

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Wahab Abdul 15 January 2012

nice poem.....i like it.........i enjoyed it really.......keep it up

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Rajendran Muthiah 14 January 2012

Dear student, There is no last option till we die naturally or accidentally. Suicide is not the hidden love as far as I am concerned. Try your best in any field till you breathe last.38 lines you have written. Lines are emotion-packed ones. Best wishes! I am a voracious reader of the dictionary, Wren and Martin's Grammar, Times of India newspaper to collect new words, use of new idioms and the sentence patterns etc. being young, you try to write free verse, modern poems, conveying a message or idea in a few lines. Thanks for calling.

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Subodh Pandey 11 January 2012

brilliantly penned down. i like the expanse of the reasons. a nice write.

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Vipins Puthooran 27 December 2011

Very touching poem! ! Well-write! !

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