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Sometimes Puppet Hums

Rating: 5.0

Pain and pleasure
Past and future
Scent and stone
Thought and bone
Arrival, departure
Solace and torture
Breath and pause
And chains
And laws
Space and relation

Each your creation
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Friday, November 24, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: feelings,thoughts
My such poems are not arrogance. I am a humble little man. These are because of the urge to get closer, sharing feelings and love.
Jennifer Birchall 30 May 2019

Caught up in a game not of ones choosing, someone else is pulling the strings. A wonderful poem dear Ali.

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Susan Williams 15 May 2018

What beautiful and empowering comments below from Unwritten Soul, Mj Lemon, Valsa George! ! ! I agree with every single word they said as well as what you said in your poet's notes. I can add this- - That is the best title- original, fresh, stopping-a-reader-in-his-tracks kind of title- - for this absolutely top-notch piece of writing! ! ! ! ! And your closing lines- - perfection. Onto my fav list! 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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Unwritten Soul 15 December 2017

Dear Ali, you are a humble person i agree that, you are a kind friend also....life is not just a game to play, maybe it more...this poem was wonderfully built and i appreciate this :) the last part of this poem is such a soft gesture, wise that reflect you as a person..i like it dear!

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Mj Lemon 03 December 2017

Ali, you capture the game of life perfectly. It is about extremes, about hopes, about desires...and like many games of chance, is represented by a cycle, a turn, a spin, a wheel. A magnificent poem, Ali.

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Valsa George 03 December 2017

Life is a game. Often we cannot play as we wish, yet we have to keep playing! Everything is planned by a power above! Powerful thoughts!

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