My Whole World, You Poem by Jahan Zeb

My Whole World, You

Rating: 4.7

So perfect as a pair, my heart and thine,
So strong as a bond, thy eyes and mine,
O goddess of beauty, thy palace my heart,
Come to me once more, forever this time,
Sit not next to me, lay head on my shoulder,
Fix fingers in my fingers and my arms around you,
Speak not, just breath, our souls will speak,
Need not we to tell, our hearts will feel,
Be with me once more, forever this time,
Not we are the part of the world and people,
My word your eyes, your world my arms,

Hazel Durham 30 September 2012

A beautiful love poem so intense and as deep as your love, wonderful write!

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Payal Parande 30 September 2012

aww.....with each word my mind keep saying sentimental each word full of charm each emotion within it enchanting and whimsical....beautiful just absolutely beautiful thank you so much for this wonderful piece sir love, payal

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Persian Khushi 30 September 2012

so beautiful, so much love.. a romantic at heart... if one day my jahan writes like this... he would capture my soul my being... love it RM

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Heather Wilkins 02 June 2013

this is a beautiful poem of love for someone special. MY word your eyes, your world my arms.

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Akanksha Bhatt 08 October 2012

really! very beautiful poem! i liked it very much!

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Saeed Jan 02 October 2012

Superb... pregnant words, emotionally charged.. Every word seems to be coming from the heart. Original thought, not that U forced urself to write. Here, the emotions find its way out and ur pen is used only as a medium.. The lines have a mesmerizing effect, anyone who reads it keeps reading till the end... One can get a glimpse like those of the Metaphysical poets. What I like about u is that U always create something out of nothing and poetry comes to u naturally... In true sense, I regard u the poet of beauty.

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Dave Walker 02 October 2012

A very beautiful poem, like it.

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 01 October 2012

Exquisitely worded romantic poem. Yor spouse shall luv it. My votes accept. Tell me do they show. U can read me too.

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Jahan Zeb

Jahan Zeb

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