Songs Of Youth Poem by Jayne Louise Davies

Songs Of Youth

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Oh there's that song again!
It's playing on the radio,
It takes me back to when,
Disco was the best thing,
To hit the music scene,
When, we danced about in platform shoes,
Living the wonderful dream,
Of teenage life in the seventies,
Those days of musical bliss,
When chopper bycicles hit the streets,
Remembering our first kiss.
When top of the pops was our favourite slot,
On tv, back in the day,
A life we loved,
A life we shared,
Those fun loving moments,
In every way.

Jayne Louise Davies

Nosheen Irfan 27 November 2022

It's hard to let go of the past. Memories are eternal. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of the past. Of course youth is the best time of life. Beautifully penned!

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Anjandev Roy 26 November 2022

Delightful piece....wonderful to read....

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Jayne Louise Davies 27 November 2022

Thank you Anjandev. I appreciate your comment x

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 26 November 2022

I miss Muchmusic, Canada's verison of MTV Now, I watch old rock videos on the internet

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David Wood 26 November 2022

I listen and watch music on YouTube. Whitney Houston's I Have Nothing my current favourite & the themes from Titanic. But also, Apollo's Fire for a bit of classical. Childhood not much to write about.

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Jayne Louise Davies 26 November 2022

My love for music is never ending x I have my old cd collection, downloads on iPhone and my Alexa for the golden oldies. Spoilt for choice nowadays x

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Jayne Louise Davies

Jayne Louise Davies

Abercynon, Rhondda Cynon Taff
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