Sonnet Iv-Sad Strain Of A Mother's Heart Poem by Yash Shinde

Sonnet Iv-Sad Strain Of A Mother's Heart

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He rose from Earth
As an idol of clod
A child of virtues
A creation of god............

He mewled in my arms
his smile made me glad
Has now grown up and
Turned into a cad

has forgot his mother
the one who nurtured him
and broke away all relations
from his kith and kin………..

the day he did so he broke my heart
No reason to live after being separated apart...............

Copyright © Yash Shinde 2012

Sunday, October 14, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: motherhood
Wini Jose 15 October 2012

good attempt and is a very great poem

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Asif Andalib 14 October 2012

A mother's sad tale is very aptly put into poetry. Good poem

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Unwritten Soul 14 October 2012

The light knitting bright, and her eyes like the sun from the hill rise from the darkness, so gently to the sky till bird fly over the world for the excitement, Mother's touch as soft as cotton cloud swipe the wind with her words blowing our mind, and mother is everything when we cry happy she make us stand tall... I love your poem, you done very good, your mom should read this poem_Soul

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Anita Sehgal 14 October 2012

really well presented.. great work from one so young..

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Danny Draper 14 October 2012

Good sentiment. Good grammar with well structured verses. Well done, keep writing.

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Shahzia Batool 15 May 2014

a delicate issue but very important to raise in is too short for saying thanks to her, there's no place of such roughness! touching!

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Very touching. I love it. amazing poem. (:

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Yash Shinde 19 March 2014

Thanks everyone for your appreciation and feedback- Yash Shinde

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Valsa George 18 March 2014

When we think of the ingratitude shown to our mothers, everyone has to put his head in shame.... How much of love has been 'wasted' on us by these poor mothers! I think a mother's heart is the largest vessel which can hold meaureless gallons of love..! A great poem.... Yash!

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Barring a few every mortal is thus. Indeed we have to remain anguished over the dismal truth. ..has forgotten his mother the one who nurtured him.. What an irony of life!

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