To Bosom Thee.....I'Ll Rise..... Poem by Yash Shinde

To Bosom Thee.....I'Ll Rise.....

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He was before his beloved,
Kneeling on his thighs……..
His shoulders were down,
With his soulful cries…….

Slid down his cheeks, like shiny pearls,
The tears that his doleful eyes had shed….
Was held in them a vision of his mistress,
Who lied helpless in her cold deathbed….

Bowing his head, lifting hands in plea,
Breaking the silence, quoth he-

____”Once bound with the essence of thee
____I'll wash the coast like a restless sea”
____”Powered by love my heart did bore,
____I’ll trace your impressions on the sandy shore….”

____”Turning stones time does flow,
____a model of valor, should you lie so low? ”
____”your mellow fragrance in the darkness behind,
____tell me my precious, where will I find? ”

She raised her eyes, deep as a sea,
In a soothing voice, quoth she-

____”See the alluring florets of rose that,
____bloom opening their carmine lips, ”
____”With a mellow scent, they invite,
____butterflies to deliver a kiss…..”

____”In blossom of rose you shall see me,
____that blooms with the kiss of thee..”
____”Amongst trodden hopes and dismal cries,
____like the sun of hope I will rise! ”

____”Thus like a rose dwelling
____in the eyes of thee”
____”In curls of petals,
____You shall find me…”

With his blood hitting his veins like an edgy sea,
In a painful voice quoth he-

____”Every blossom does wither with time,
____every Bonnie creation someday declines.”
____”In the withered remnants dispelled behind
____ tell me my love where would I find? ”

Wiping the tears his had shed.
With calmness of a sage, his beloved said-

____”If you wash the shore like a restless sea.
____in spiriting rivers you shall find me..”
____”Which through meandering turns do make their course,
____and cut through boulders to reach their source…”

____”Like a river unifying with salinity of the sea,
____I lose my soul, and ally with thee..”

____”If like a graceful dove you’ll appraise the sky, ____
____like a breeze from the surface, I’ll rise” ____
____”Like a phoenix that rises from ashes to life, ____
____to wipe your tears from dust I’ll rise”____
____”Like an angel that dwells in heavenly paradise, ____
____to empower the oceanic tides, like moon I’ll rise”____
____”In my portrait I’ll live that dwells in your eyne,
____Like a fragrance that scents I’ll rise” ____

- - -”Search me not the remnants behind,
- - -But in the stillness of your soul, me you’ll find”
- - -Mortals do vanish, true love never dies…
- - -To bosom thee, from dead I’ll rise….


The pearls slid smoothly over his facial curls,
And wet the still heart that bore his name…
The silent heart of a sacred soul,
Dipped in the bloody tears, pious it became……

Copyright © Yash Shinde 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Its a narrative poem, that narrates the story of a man who is before her mistress who is lying in her deathbed, like a restless sea, he asks his beloved, where he shall find another one after she's gone, his beloved beautifully narrates, the nature of love through various examples from nature.....
Matthias Pantaleon 29 April 2014

Wow that a dirge! You nailed it literary and am so proud of you. Keep the spirit right and the pen free. Peace!

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Akhtar Jawad 28 April 2014

At the age of 16 you are capable of creating a work of art, Something very great is peeping in from your future to your present. I have many memories of Bhopal and now I got another.

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Sarojini Pattayat 03 April 2014

Search me not the remnants behind, - - -But in the stillness of your soul, me you’ll find”......Touching lines.awesome.wish u best.go on.

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 03 April 2014

Mortals do vanish, true love never dies Beautiful lines in the poem. You have forcefully delivered the power of love. Nice poem. Thank you.

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V P Mahur 03 April 2014

Dear Shinde, great work my sweet boy. I am impressed with your deep feel of gloom. thanks for your visit and comments.

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Carl Roussell 05 October 2022

A wonderful poem.

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True love says "till death doth us part"… beautiful story poem.

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Leon Moon 02 May 2022

The most captivating aspect of this was the focal point stanza which had "If you wash the shore like a restless sea... and cut through boulders to reach their source' -- as this both tied 'sctructurely' as well as lyrically the surreal, 'beyond-yet-real' nature of love

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Dr Dillip K Swain 13 February 2022

Simply I can say, this is a beautiful poem.....just beautiful.5 stars! !

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This is one of the best love poems I have ever read! Love it! A ten..

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