Struggle With Darkness Poem by Mohammad Muzzammil

Struggle With Darkness

The sun set and it was being dark,
A pitch dark night had fallen,
No light was there nor any spark,
A star shone at all of sudden,
And found all his friends sleeping,
He went and tried them awake,
One of them got up from his sleeping,
And asked why he made him awake.

Asked him making the earth light,
Cause there had fallen a dark night,
But, his reply was then shown,
'What can be done, O friend! Alone?
Without the moon we are what?
Against the darkness can't be fought,
Let's go to awake our moon
The earth may it light up soon.'

They both reached the moon and found,
The moon was lying on the ground,
And appeared, she was not fine,
Cause she had drunk the evil wine,
Unfair gifts had she been given,
For shining not in dark night,
Forgot she, her duty at all of sudden,
And let the inhabitents of earth fight.

The moon ordered them to go and sleep,
'What's the use for them weep?
We'll be given gifts for this deed,
And on duty we find nothing indeed.
'Second' of both agreed with the moon,
He went and slept very soon,
'First' was worried, but nothing spake,
And he put himself at stake.

He went respectively to each stars and;
Requested them to get up and shine,
Initially they were afraid being mixed in sand,
At last they all accepted his wine,
All of them when began to shine,
Like the ornaments of the sky,
The moon felt a tasteless wine,
On herself she was shy.

Getting up, the moon begged sorry to all,
And she shone at full of her might,
Lighten up was every mount, forest and wall,
And became silver the whole sight.
This revolution if on the earth befall,
No country would be worried but delight,
Be alive, no of your leaders can thee enthrall,
But know the deference between Black and White.


Antonio Liao 01 August 2011

a dazzling delight of lines, created the master piece of a poet... a struggle of life in the presence of Light and Hope...thank you for sharing this wonderful poem...God bless 10/10

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Jenny Gordon 20 March 2011

Wow. What a very fascinating tale, so pointedly concluded with the answer. La, intriguing, fascinating, enjoyable. Very interesting. A very serious admonition, depicted metaphorically by the night sky. Excellent! Marvelous. Well-expressed. Deadly, in a sense. I like it.

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Malaya Roses 13 March 2011

The good and bad was written in such poetic way and the images was so large to emphasis the reality of kindness, selfishness and forgiveness. Excellent poem with deep meaning. 10

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir 12 March 2011

Nice poem. The message is very relevant and rational. Good texture and vivid imagery. A captivating write. Thanks for sharing.

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