As You Like It Poem by Mohammad Muzzammil

As You Like It

Rating: 4.3

The wind blows from the west,
And takes the clouds strongly away,
And causes in the sky unrest,
Kites are soaring where astray,
Its effects lies too on the land,
Under a tree I sit all day long,
Where leaves are lying on the sand,
I'm busy where composing my song.

Amy Marie 06 January 2011

I like the idea of sitting under a tree composing a song.

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Lee Mack 24 December 2010

live poem thanks and thanks

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Whispering Rose 23 December 2010

very well written. the imagery is breath source of inspiration is better than nature

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Malaya Roses 14 December 2010

Nature shall provides you with the best inspiration. Take it and enjoy the wind and fallen leaves... your mind will be ready for precious imagination. Good poem.

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 11 December 2010

Picturesque ambience for, ‘I'm busy where composing my song’ please it always good write. Thanks for sharing Hon’ble Poet Mohammad-ji Regards Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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Heather Wilkins 26 May 2013

I can feel the western breeze. Nice imagery.

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Charles Darnell 05 March 2013

Ha! Let not wind or rain or gloom of night keep the poet from his appointed rounds!

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Soma Mukherjee 16 July 2011

Ah to be in a dreamers world full of poetries, rhymes and free verses, isnt it our spring...beautifully penned down thoughts

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Bernard Snyder 15 March 2011

Nice imagination and well-written! Thanks for sharing!

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Faith Ali 19 January 2011

Poem make you feel relaxed.. When you sit under the shade of the tree while the breeze caress your imagination and you are in the doze of the charm of nature.. In short, it's really wonderful..

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