Sultry Red Beauty Poem by Ebone' Ingram

Sultry Red Beauty

Rating: 5.0

I'm nervous on the sidewalk,
pacing back and forth
in my ruby red stilletos.

(I hope I look beautiful.)

I'm waiting under a full moon,
in front of your apartment,
eyes on my red-strapped watch.

(You're taking your time, beautiful.)

I'm growing impatient now;
and I look like a streetwalker
in my siren red strapless.

(The men say, 'Hello, Beautiful.')

I see you parking now, late as ever.
You're on the driver's side
of a blood-red Ferrari.

(I always thought that car was beautiful.)

You're stepping out of the car,
And walking to the other side
To hold open the red door.

(A beautiful.)

A woman steps out of the car:
A vixen if I ever saw one,
White smile parting shiny red lips.

(Now I don't feel so beautiful.)

You walk to your apartment door,
your hands, your lips all over her...
At last, you're caught red handed.

(You'd told ME I was beautiful...)

If this is how you treat the comely,
I'd rather be the repulsive Medusa
and stone you for your red deception.

Dee Daffodil 06 December 2006

Eni...I love the direction that this one took. You've told a whole story in just a few lines...and done an excellent job! I reader wants to reach out and smack the guy! ! The use of the word 'red' and 'beautiful', all throughout was just that...beautiful...very clever! ! Awesome write...I'm putting it in my faves! Hugs, Dee

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Gabriella Franco 30 August 2006

*in shock* definitely a favorite. Probably had something to do with the fact that 'beautiful' is my favorite word... HMM! the ending was phenomenal! ! YOU'RE SO TALENTEDDDDD! ! ! gabriela

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Uriah Hamilton 21 August 2006

Love the ending, really cool poem.

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Daniel Tyler 21 August 2006

I thought this was very clever, quite chic in that urban sort of way. I like the consistent use of red to show whatever feelings were there, passion, fear excitement. Well done.

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