Tom Renney

Rookie (March 7,1954 / Vancouver, B.C. Canada)

Sun Dancer - Poem by Tom Renney

Deep in His cavern He sat on His throne
Waiting eternal, in darkness, alone
His dark thoughts He sent forth, He called to the one
That dwelt in the bright world, and danced ‘neath the sun

Her long hair, it shines, as the sun plays upon it
Her lithe form, it floats, as she whispers a sonnet
Of love and desire, to serve and to care
For the One that she dreams of, her softness to share

He broods and He sighs, as He longs for a mate
His passion it seethes, burning lust He can’t sate
It finally reaches the depth of His soul
The pain and the longing, now take their toll

His lips part in anguish and out of His mouth
Comes a terrible cry, to the east, west and south
It’s filled with the lonely despair His heart knows
It floats on the wind, like a flock of dark crows

Deep in a forest, she explores the cool night
Her soft skin like snow, in the moons gentle light
Surrounded by flowers and trickling streams
She floats and she flutters, lost in her dreams

Suddenly down from the north, it blows
An icy wind, full of darkness and moans
It shatters her dreams and she feels its cold fingers
They enter her heart and the coldness lingers

As the frigid wind passes, it leaves in her soul
A quivering wildness, burning passions unfold
Quietly moving, she follows its scent
Through fields of thorn'd roses, her thin clothes are rent

Past icy dark stream and snow covered peak
She walks and she crawls `’til her small form is weak
At journeys end, she discovers His lair
Upon blistered hand and bleeding knee, she enters and stares

Shyly she crawls and approaches the throne
Seeing His dark form, so quiet, alone
There on her knees with her head bent low
She waits and she bathes in the cold harsh flow

His bitter thought seeps through the cavern about
It wraps her in dark dreams, the pain makes her shout
Hearing her cry, He raises dark head
And sees her soft form, clothed in ragged thread

He reaches His hand out, to lift her soft chin
The touch of her flesh brings a warmth to His skin
Embarrassed and frightened, she feels His cold touch
The same cold that filled her, almost it’s too much

Weakly she moans as she falls to the floor
Her last breath it whispers, I love you Dark Lord
He lifts her and into His lap he enfolds her
Caressing her hair, He kisses her shoulder

If only, He ponders, she could have held on
If only, her sweet lips, He’d kissed `fore she’d gone
Upon his dark face, A dark tear did take form
It glistened and shone, of His sorrow was born

It slipped down His cheek and splashed on lips thin
His dark salty liquid penetrated her skin
Her eyelids they fluttered and opened to gaze
Upon His sad face, her fingers she raised

Her soft touch she placed, upon His dark cheek
His eyes came alive and he ventured to speak
All He could think of, all He could say
Were the three words, I love you, and here you must stay

For now that you’ve found me and melted my heart
Never can either O/our souls be apart
So there she did stay and before His great throne
She danced in the darkness, no longer alone

After a time when His heart had been cured
She led him far south, with soft lilt of sweet words
She sang to him gently and soon they arrived
Into springtime and warmth, together they thrived

Ever thereafter she danced in the light
And ever He chased her and kissed her `’til night
When they tired, He’d sit Himself down `neath a tree
In His lap she would curl up, and sleep in His dreams

Forever their souls lived in bliss and as one
To them, time stood still, as she danced `neath the sun.

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