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Do you think God knows what I’m thinking
right now? How about right nnnnnnnnnnow?

It’s pretty amazing to think that he knows
what you and 6 billion other people are
thinking and saying and doing at any given

He’s like a surveillance camera in the sky. Or
in the hall. Or in the kitchen. He’s watching
you at work - in your case, watching how well
you mop. He’s monitoring your every
movement and thought.

It’s kind of comforting to know he’s always
there, isn’t it? To know he’s watching you in
the bathroom. Or in that chick’s bedroom the
other night – what was her name?

Not only that, he’s making judgments about
you at all times and keeping track of all of it.
And he doesn’t forget anything. Yep, pretty
comforting, I would say.

Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 19 January 2006

Hmmm.....makes you wonder huh? Cute!

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Eric Paul Shaffer 03 February 2006

This is a thoughtful and daring look at an idea that many shy away from. Too many are so frightened of the idea of God that they make no statements and ask no questions; as a result, they don't really know much about the idea. Your poem presses the 'omniscient' feature of God into the face of your readers and, I hope, forces them to consider the implications of a sleepless, ever-present eye watching their EVERY move. Most people, I find, seem to think that the idea of God is not watching THEM in particular, but, as I recall, the rule book says different. I think it's kind of creepy to think of being watched, and worse, judged every moment of our waking and sleeping lives, and I find it hard to believe that some find that comforting. I don't, and I doubt I ever will. Excellent thought and poem.

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Chuck Audette 24 January 2006

The line that cracked me up was that gentle afterthought, 'watching how well you mop' (btw, I've graduated to the drive-thru window) . But seriously, a great question. Also, are all the dead people watching me too? -chuck

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Phillip Sawatzky 22 January 2006

PPH-Oh, for a minute there I thought you were describing the NSA, or some shadow part of Homeland Security-what a relief! Its only the Big Guy who created me and all this (and didn't give me much of an owner's manual.....or did He?) Hmmmmm..... Phillip Michael Sawatzky

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Ernestine Northover 19 January 2006

I think he's probably got the most up to date computer, super speed, which works just by his thought patterns. It's odd to think one has no privacy! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Clever thinking here! Love Ernestine XXX

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In a twisted sort of way, it is rather comforting. I'd hate to think that I have to carry these sick thoughts all alone for the rest of my life! Another cute one, Stud.

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