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I saw Pope Ratzinger on TV the other day.
Now, here’s a guy who used to drive around in a
Chevy and now everyone wants to kiss his big
toe. Don’t you think it’s kind of bizarre how

certain guys get elevated to these grand pooh-
bah positions and we’re supposed to believe
they suddenly have a direct pipeline to Jesus?

Next time you see one of these muckety-mucks
walking around muttering under his breath,
deluded that he’s speaking directly to the Lord,
just let him walk on by. I think he would be
insulted if you stopped him and told him it’s just
dementia. I mean, why pee on his parade?

Mary Nagy 23 February 2006

I love the phrase ''Grand Poo Bah''.......(From the Flintstones cartoon? ?) I thought I was the only one that used that term! :) Very humorous poem Poetry Hound. Sincerely, Mary

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Will Barber 03 May 2006

I larfed and larfed, then felt guilty.

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Santana Marasco 20 April 2006

SHHHHHHHHH! ! Grand poo-bah Ratzinger muckety-muck is on TV!

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Phillip Sawatzky 28 February 2006

It gets tedious, don't it? Phillip

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Rusty Daily 23 February 2006

Prof, he's just saying, if they believe this stuff I'll tell them the Easter Bunny lays eggs.

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 23 February 2006

Very nice and true PoHo...

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