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Babies Who Sin

Rating: 2.8

I know you believe that Christ died for your sins,
but did he die for the people who haven’t sinned?

I know you’re going to say that everyone sins. But
that’s not true because what about babies? They

haven’t sinned yet, so maybe Christ preemptively
died for them because he knew they’d eventually

get around to sinning, and so it’s kind of a
retroactive deal. Now that I think of it, I realize

that babies DO sin, like when they cry for no
apparent reason and get on everyone’s nerves.

One time I was on this flight to Dallas (Don’t ask
me why I went to that sorry town) and there was a

baby three rows behind me that would not stop
wailing. I finally walked back to the mother and

told her to shut that sinning baby up pronto! She
looked at me horrified and I realized I was staring

into the eyes of Satan. Well, in this case it was
Mrs. Satan, and she was holding a sobbing little
satanic baby.

Mary Nagy 25 February 2006

This is a ''wrong'' kinda way! The whole ''we're born with sin'' thing confuses me since I don't have the strongest background in religion so it's hard for me to see a baby as a sinner. I love the image I got of ''Mrs. Satan and her satanic baby though! '' I do love your humor! Sincerely, Mary

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Erica Francis 24 October 2007

Wow... I like this.

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Michael Gale 15 June 2006

How can one brandish such a verbally blasting attackal affront upon such cute innocent babes just twiddlin' their thumbs directly afterwards-just-a suckin' the little dainty, dirty street legal nubbs? Weeeeeeeeelll, i can honestly understand, how. I think babies and cell phones should be banned from places of worship, and also movie theaters. Airplanes also. Jeeze, if you cannot afford a baby sitter, then i'd say it's time to save money by going out and renting a DVD. Or maybe even time to open the bombay door that leads highly and freely to the great outdoors. God bless-Michael Jeffrey Gale.

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Adryan Barnathan 10 March 2006

Met a mid wife once who told me... kids come into the world...and you can tell straight away what they are like as yes PH, there are those who do enter the portal of life with an innate badness! ! !

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Phillip Sawatzky 28 February 2006

What I like is the pre-emptive strike on those that sully the holy. And I can relate to those awe-full times with kids throwing with the least bit of turbulence. I hope the food on the flight to heaven is better than on our airlines. Phillip

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Linda Preston 26 February 2006

What an odd way of looking at life.

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