Tales From Moonlight Poem by Ebi Robert

Tales From Moonlight

There was a star in the sky,
Smaller than every other star.
It use to show its triangles
of queenly brightness.
It's gaily lucency neighboured the multiple morns.

It tried to subdue the moonlight
and exile the sentry of the night.
It doesn't traipse as the moon
but floats without wings in the cool sky.
It quested for the sun
but there was only dankness for it.

Sometime it dies, when the traveling cloud
does not go beyond it.
But it lived after a moment.
It suffused its silhouette like tarantula webs.
And owlishly quenched men darkness.

I moonlight, palimpsest ruler seats
When it died and died again.
Then I knew that little star to be a satellite.

Nurain Ali-balogun 27 July 2012

You stirred my imagination with this one. Well done.

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Darkangel Flyfree 24 July 2012

Enjoyed this poem very much! Thanks for sharing!

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Unwritten Soul 23 July 2012

The few of the first lines and few of ending lines really sum up this poem as a beautiful tales, loved it...so nice imagination built in your mind_Unwritten Soul

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Clarence Prince 23 July 2012

Then I knew that little star to be a satellite. Hopefully, it's a light of hope for us all, Ebi! well done!

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Robin Bennett 23 July 2012

Just beautiful! Loved the language you used. Such a lovely piece, I am so glad you asked me to read this. It really is wonderful!

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Ebi Robert

Ebi Robert

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