Tears Poem by Indranil Bhaduri


Rating: 5.0

The dazzling sunlight kindled my cheeks
As I traversed through the meandering streets
With a delighted self
Coveting to meet her again
With those romantic feelings
To heartily express.
I dreamt of her sweet face
With her waving silky hair
Enshrouding my vivid colourful soul.
With the hues of love all around,
The magical flowers bloomed
The quivering lips uttered
Soft whispers of belonging,
The deep eyes reached my inner self
As I stepped in front
Of the silent grave.
A tiny droplet of water touched my arm
And depicted my deep passion
With the crumbled petals of rose
Lying in my palm
That was never given ever,
Till she walked away,
To cross the doors of paradise
Leaving a solitary soul with moist eyes,
Longing forever to view
Her picturesque smile,
And dropping a lover's tears
To reach heaven.

Copyright © 2012 Indranil Bhaduri

Allemagne Roßmann 25 September 2012

inspirational write as always-tears are sometimes this beautiful as your write for some

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Neela Nath Das 26 September 2012

Very nice write! Loved this job too.

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Donald Kuutsi 26 September 2012

tears stream down your face when you lose something you cant replace......this is so touching.. i m touched by this YOU ARE A BKESSING FROM GOD.......this is MASTERPIECE PAL KEEP THE FIRE BURNING..

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Donald Kuutsi 26 September 2012

tears stream down your face when you lose something you can replace....this is so touching keep it up pal.THIS IS MASTERPIECE WELL DONE....l also enjoyed Nostalgia keep it up

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Dechen Doma Sherpa 26 September 2012

love never dies until you kill it yourself.

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Matt Mooney 16 November 2012

Brilliant. This the heart's core stuff-as beautiful as your roses.10.

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Hazel Durham 27 October 2012

So beautiful and heart-rending poem with such deep emotions for the loss of your loved one. Brilliant write! !

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A B 06 October 2012

a v gud poem n well written.................crumbled petal of rose lying in my palm...v touchy

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Samithree Rajapaksha 05 October 2012

awesome and something deep.. a great writing...

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So Close 04 October 2012

you expressed the feeling of missing someone very fantastic ly and great work.. »so close«

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