The Beatles In Auckland Poem by Michael Walker

The Beatles In Auckland

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The great jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong opened
for the Beatles at the Auckland Town Hall
in 1964, on a double bill, I sat behind the stage.
Looking like four brothers, the Beatles entered.

They had longish hair swept forward and across the forehead,
in a style which became 'the Beatle haircut' around Auckland.
Their suit jackets were three-button, accentuating slimness, height.
I doubt if you would see that elegance onstage any more.

There were only eleven songs on the set list that night,
and the Beatles made a gracious bow to the audience after each one.
I remember John and Paul's duets 'She Loves You', 'I Saw Her Standing There; '
but also George Harrison singing, to a throbbing beat, the
irreverent 'Roll Over Beethoven.'

Later the Beatles would split up, becoming successful in their own right as soloists,
but what I remember is their concert at the Town Hall long ago.

- July,2013. Revised 8 September,2019.

The Beatles In Auckland
The double-bill show in mid-1964 was unforgettable, in that the Beatles were already famous, but still in the early stage of their stellar career, which would end, as a group, in 1970.
The set list that concert was:
1. 'I Want To Hold Your Hand'.
2. 'I Saw Her Standing There'.
3. ' You Can't Do That'.
4. 'All My Loving'.
5. 'She Loves You'.
6. 'Till There Was You'. (Meredith Wilson, cover) .
7. 'Roll Over Beethoven'.(Chuck Berry, cover) .
8. ' Can't Buy Me Love'.
9. 'This Boy'.
10. 'Long Tall Sally'.(Little Richard, cover) .
11. 'Twist And Shout'.(The Top Notes, cover) .

I liked best the Beatles' cover versions of other songs: 'Roll Over Beethoven', 'Long Tall Sally', and 'Twist And Shout'. The other 8 songs were written by Lennon and McCartney.
Simone Inez Harriman 31 October 2015

You know, I still listen to the Beatles every now and then when the mood captures me. They never fail to get my feet tapping with a sing-a-long :)

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Michael Walker 08 March 2017

I am glad that you like the Beatles too.

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Gajanan Mishra 01 October 2014

hit single, every one, thanks.

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Michael Walker 08 May 2017

You are right: The Beatles had only ten songs on the set list, and they were all popular- ' Roll over Beethoven'.

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Kim Barney 18 April 2018

The Beatles were great. I never got to see them in concert. Thanks for the memories.

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Richard Wlodarski 11 September 2017

Michael, thank you so much for the trip down memory lane. I love The Beatles. The Band of the Century! I have that t-shirt and others. And I get so many compliments on them. And then all the stories start. We all start sharing fond memories of The Beatles. And other bands as well. I never saw them, but I did see George, Ravi and Billy Preston all on the same bill. And so many awesome performers, including Elvis, The Rolling Stones, Roy Orbison, etc. You've opened the floodgates! I owe you a debt of gratitude! ! !

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Practicing Poetess 10 May 2017

Thank you for a nostalgic look into bygone times. I was too young to have ever seen them live, but I remember my parents excitedly calling me downstairs when they first aired on the Ed Sullivan show. My parents bought me their albums (LP) for birthdays and Christmas. I saw their movies Help and A Hard Day's Night at the theatre. And now, I have as many of their songs on a youtube oldies playlist, as youtube will permit us to keep (youtube is notorious for deleting videos due to copyright issues.) You are a lucky duck to have seen them live, Michael. I liked their early lovesongs and ballads best. Things got kinda wierd after they split. Result of too many drugs, I suppose. Thank you for this poem!

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Tom Billsborough 09 May 2017

I prefer the Beatles' later music but there's nothing like a live show. It stays vividly in the memory. But to see Satchmo and the lads on the same show was going some. I saw Buddy Holly once over here and when I hear Rave On it brings the memories flooding back. I like the idea of Sonnets in free verse. I use rhyme but usually in an unconventional way, not in set patterns. More like echoes. So I like your sense of adventure here.

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Michael Walker 12 August 2017

Thanks very much for your appreciative comment, which proves that you like The Beatles and pop music as much as I do-a whole lot.

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Tom Allport 20 April 2017

a poem full of happy memories and you know that can't be bad? ......superbly written Michael.........sorry to say I preferred the rolling stones and am still under their thumb............I think you might like a poem of mine called Sevvy's Bandstand a true inspiration, it is the place where John and Paul got their inspiration to write Sgt Peppers.

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