The Last Video Shop. Poem by Michael Walker

The Last Video Shop.

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My city used to have video rental shops
dotted around the suburbs of escapism,
though for some time there has been just one,
which closed its doors last week.
Video Ezy offered a sky of choices
from classic to comedy, romance to rock,
old one-week rentals to recent releases,
DVD to Blu-ray, it didn't matter to me.
I had bought a few movies off the shelf
which I thought better than cinema myself.

-5 September,2018.

The Last Video Shop.
The last video shop in town closed down last weekend. It is not really a problem to me, although I still won't go to any cinemas.
Practicing Poetess 04 September 2018

The Last Video Shop gasps its final breath as the likes of Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and others crowd in and take over the market. Now one can order up & pay for a movie from the comfort of home, without having to leave to go to a shop. I lost one this way, too, and I still miss it. Not only did they offer an expansive variety, but if you requested something they didn't have, they would order it for you.

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Michael Walker 05 September 2018

You are right about why video shops have declined and shut down. I use You Tube a lot, but Netflix and Hulu are new to me.

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Rajnish Manga 05 September 2018

We all would recall how fast things have changed over the last two to three decades. Entertainment field (production as well as distribution) has gone through maximum transformation. This poem presents a testimony of such change. Thanks a lot, Michael.

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Cody Lakota 22 July 2021

I still have old videos but no longer have a video player!

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Bri Edwards 16 February 2020

in your response to R.M.Smith, you say: " I watch DVDs at home. Home alone." HOME ALONE was an entertaining movie for me. I'm on the fence about sending to MyPoemList. oh, what the H-e-l-l. to MyPoemList bri :) liked ending with a rhyme

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Luz Hanaii 30 January 2020

Sad to hear, but time moves on and sometimes these places can't keep their business going.

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Sankhajit Bhattacharjee 12 November 2019

Nice image. Full score. Thanks for sharing.

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Michael Walker 21 December 2019

Thanks for your assessment. Great.

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Prabir Gayen 15 July 2019

Very beautiful poem dear poet. //// Thanks

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Michael Walker 21 December 2019

Thanks for your fine appreciation.

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