The Duck And I Poem by Ivy Christou

The Duck And I

Rating: 5.0

It was a quiet afternoon for a change,
No worries to suffocate my existence,
No stress, no people,
I felt safe.
I was sitting alone at a wooden bench,
Reading a book while facing the lake.
And for a reason I did not understand
I started to feel complete
Because you had just approached
And sat next to me.
You stared at the lake for a while.
You knew all of her secrets,
I knew none.

Secretly you were glancing at me,
You were afraid of people
And I can’t blame you.
We sometimes forget to love all other species
And when we have nothing else to respect
We stop loving our own.
Because of that you consider us heartless
And we consider ourselves the only species
With a soul and a brain.
I’m afraid to wonder who is right.

As time passed we both got lost in our own world.
You didn’t expect anything from me
And I didn’t expect anything from you,
But in reality we depend on one another
In order to survive.

For a second you questioned that,
You knew that you don’t really need me
And I realised that it was true.

A minute later you became again
the silent observer of my life
And I became again the violent destructor of yours..

Duncan Wyllie 10 April 2006

Powerfully put, a moment of reflection and insight so rare and yet so beautiful, well done Ivy, this is just great, Love Duncan

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Peter A. Crowther 14 September 2005

An interesting thoughtful poem that highlights how all living things are connected and interdependent, and how we ignore that at our peril. Very good.

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Lara W.a 04 September 2005

Ivy, I loved this. Deep, meaningful and profound. You know i'm a fan of ur work. This isn't an exception; Good as always =) Oh btw, didn't notice the title, thought it was about a boy for a minute there!

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