The End Of Fake Called Love Poem by hopeless 111

The End Of Fake Called Love

Rating: 4.5

The end of a fake called love i started one day

The end of a a lie called love
The end of a feeling I felt one day
The end of a story I began
The end of my pain that is too painful

Feeling I got feeling I have started feeling I must end
Love is a fake in reality
May I change my reality?
Am I responsible for my fate?

My dreams crashed with my fate
To die to stay forever in a grave
Never see the sun or moon
Simple dreams vanish in my heart

Cannot face the tough world
Decide to be away from people
There is no peace you got in life
All I got is depressed mind

Myself is forced to stay away
In a worse day I tried to hide
Change my feeling to the right
To die to end to stay ahide

Chinedu Dike 05 March 2015

I like the way you bared you innermost thoughts in the poem, however l do not concur with some of your convictions. Love is a spiritual experience that affects all and sundry in a very profound way. It is spiritual in nature, whimsical and temperamental. It needs careful nurturing by both couples for its bliss to endure. Love is nourished by tolerance, understanding, fair-play, forgiveness, ... It is giving wholeheartedly without expecting anything in return. It's a nice poem, well penned. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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Doha Ewiess 27 August 2009

(Cannot face the tough world Decide to be away from people There is no peace you got in life All I got is depressed mind) will not find peace in your life except when you find inner sure of that....and its not so hard to find it believe me friend...and really death is the solution of nothing...coz death itself is another problem...think of God...your only chance to win his love is lose it or you will lose his love and this means alot! !

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Ashley Mejia 04 August 2009

a sad powm but beautiful in its own way...heartful

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Yasser Koor 16 October 2008

oh it is sad words i'm sorry but it is amazing poem search, search you will find the end of love called happiness, cheers and find some hope

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