Dream Poem by hopeless 111


Rating: 4.9

close your eyes
you have to dream
you can see whatever you need
you have to make a real dream

everything is possible and you got to believe
all things is ready but you have to be aware and free
let`s start and see
it`s my turn now to make it a full lovely Dream
i have alot of DREAMS how could i put in one dream
only one big Dream
think deeply my mind
it`s time to release all fears and be free
A different view of life i need to see
just think and dream

may i see my man is here
bright eyes with a lovely smile
looking at me

he may give me a nice dream
he may give me a piece of meat

should i eat or only keep?
is it real? i need to see
looking and looking

alot of noise, opening her eye
oh my goish, it just DREAM

Yasser Koor 02 December 2008

i is amazing i gave u 10+++++++ it it deserve more

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 02 December 2008

Dream is like your body..... in you.........but your mind still in your bedroom.Think about it Angel!

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Dr Rajesh Kumar Vaid 03 December 2008

Very interesting poem as it seemingly describes poetess attempt to a Livid dream. It reminds me of scientific paper on dreams in which it is described how we can dream knowing that we are dreaming. This is a Livid dream. It is possible and needs to be practiced. Beautiful feeling!

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Roseann Shawiak 01 April 2015

Dreams are a fantastic way to figure out what you want in life, sometimes our dreams do become a reality. That has happened to me. Really great poem, very vivid and amazing! Thank you for sharing it. RoseAnn

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Menime Soul..'d' Ugliloner 29 November 2009

Too good the way you dream..: -)

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 11 April 2009

if you dream long enough it would be a reality................Good Write.......

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Hazem Al Jaber 04 December 2008

the most pretty thing we get in our life is, , dream.. dream about whom we love.. yes it is.. even we won`t to wake up again to live that dream for a long long time so pretty stunning piece.. i like it soo thx for sharing dear sweet girl.. yours hazem

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Reshma Ramesh 03 December 2008

dreaming dreams..........lovely poem

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