The Garden Of Five Senses Poem by Anita Atina

The Garden Of Five Senses

Rating: 4.5

The garden of five senses

Welcomes with flowers, of all hues

An island of green amidst historic ruins

That pushes the urban sprawl away

And lends unhurried space

Wind chimes sway in the breeze

With fragrant plants and flowering trees

Terracotta elephants keep company

To shimmering fountains

And royal courts of rare plants

Amidst this garden stands the

The tree of life

In quiet glory

At home with the garden

Yet apart, reaching out to the sun

Fluid waterways hold shy lilies

And a green grass skirt hides the moist earth well

Birds, butterflies and bees

Fly back, to waiting trees, at sunset

As nature keeps quiet harmony

Padmanabhan Ananth 12 February 2014

Very well drafted poem about this exquisite garden at Saket in Delhi. I welcome you to read my poem of the same title that I uploaded today.

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Edith Oram 14 March 2008

Your garden sounds a lovely place to retreat and refresh one, s soul. Your poem is very visual, well done.

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Flora Gillingham 06 March 2008

A lovely picture of tranquillity.

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Lynda Robson 06 March 2008

Sounds lovely Anita, your poem is full of imagery, I can almost smell the flowers and hear the bees humming, thanks, Lynda xx

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