. The Heart Poem by Eyan Desir

. The Heart

Rating: 3.4

Beating with Godly breath
Wrapped around flesh
The centre of hope
Colored with love
Fighting for acceptance
Bursting with emotion
Craving for affection

Filled with passion
Like a raging lion
A river with love
Flowing in every life
Sweet and bitter
Broken with deceit
Mended with sweet love

Helping lives on their quest
Seated in every chest
A ticking battery
Weaken by time
Stopped in sands of death!

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May26th 2009

Karla Bardanza 03 June 2009


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The Dreamer 03 June 2009

Excellent use of many meaningful words – well done thank you

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Jack Price 03 June 2009

Full of fire and emotion- what we come to expect from you E-man! Thanks for the invite. J. L.

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mixie chiera 03 June 2009

yuo're a very religious person.. continue holding up with God! heheh :) and always keep up sharing the talent He has given you..

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Cristy Upshaw 03 June 2009

what a beautifully insightful and sinpiring piece. you display great affections within your words and a Godly love which is superb.

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Good description of the heart. Thought you could have brought something in about a transplanted heart. Karin Anderson

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Brishti Mazumdar 08 June 2009

Colored with love......A river with love....Weaken by time.......Stopped in sands of death! ...yes...it stops...as that is the rule of life....but your poems show, your battery is running very well...10+...as I loved your thought process...Brishti...

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every aspect of the heart there in this poem

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Maya Hershey 07 June 2009

beautiful poem.... nicely done., keep up

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Kranthi Pothineni 04 June 2009

Beautiful write indeed with nice flow. Crafted very well.

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