......Feel My Pain..........(Dark Poem by Eyan Desir

......Feel My Pain..........(Dark

Rating: 4.7

Another day has gone
My mind keeps holding on
Sour memories of what that has been
But all this pondering
Will drive me insane
She will not come back again
But my heart continues to bleed
Like a wounded dog
Whiles the scars deepen in my heart
I struggle to live
I'll give you this misery, I breathe
I rather take all your pains
No another day will come!
And I still feel the same!

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Surya . 15 July 2009

vow! pouring you heart out. beautiful voted10 surya

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Lady Grace 20 July 2009

yesterday forgot the promises buried in dark life called death promises live and live again in my heart who always wait.. tomorrow may come but brings miseries add more pain to my lonely heart can't breath...can't move...choke hope you will feel how painful to be alone..grace

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Carol Gall 03 August 2009

you have a fan in surya lol

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Raj Nandy 04 August 2009

May the good Lord grant you the strength to overcome life's adversity and pain! 10! Raj Nandy

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Ben Gieske 05 August 2009

Hopefully these are the kind of pains, sorrows, and regrets that will last a life time but will be replaced by happier times. There are other kinds of pains and regrets that are not felt until they rise up in our old age to haunt us and we cannot forget them or ignore them.

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yellowbell alamanda 09 October 2009

I feel the pain, from sweet memories that turned sour. hurt...

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Seema Gupta 23 September 2009

yaa! its really feeling like... regards

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Kristina B; Williams 22 September 2009

you took the words right out of my mouth...ive been there.actually i am still here

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WOW! ! ! I do feel ur pain its so beautiful this poem yet hurting isnt the most beautiful pain...but we lear..this is why you are the best poet...i ever knew

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Kranthi Pothineni 09 August 2009

While reading your lines one Persian saying recalled my attention...'Love is like a war: Easy to begin Hard to end! '

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