. We Learn Poem by Eyan Desir

. We Learn

Rating: 2.9

When love turns to salt
Minds are defeated
When eyes begin to cry
Hearts get broken
When joy spits sorrow
When souls have gone
When a friend is lost
After tears, we learn

MuSiC HeaD 09 June 2009

thanks for suggesting this one.. i like it because you didnt use a bunch of big words for no reason. you didnt need big words. good job. i disagree with sherif. it ends perfectly. what we learn is up to us.

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*Trusting You* 09 June 2009

Music Head is right what we learn and the amount we learn is up to us... this is a great poem... very nice job. ~MC~

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sky dreams 10 June 2009

i really enjoyed reading this.. no matter what the tragedy, there is always a lesson to be learned. great write

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Joscelyn Alderdice 10 June 2009

Wow this is amazing....so heartfelt...

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cheyenne briggs 10 June 2009

So true...so powerful...very lovely...i enjoyed it

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Triin Kann 05 July 2009

We learn troughout our lives but still die as fools... This is a great poem. Short & straight to the point. Sometimes you only need a few words to express your feelings.10 from me

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rago rago 05 July 2009

When I read this poem I think some personal loss inspired to write this good poem...since salt comes out and the pain can be expressed....... a master work in simple words............

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Zeinab Sherif 14 June 2009

i'm really touched by your words&how they r sad so sad, u know i, i learned from it sth. so, congratulations.

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Allan Macli Borges 12 June 2009

LEARN! that's the sense of life... even when all seems lose the sense.... great poem.

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Lynda Robson 12 June 2009

Good work Eyan, we never stop learning, 10 Lynda xx

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