The Horror's Of Sleep Poem by Crimson Love

The Horror's Of Sleep

Rating: 5.0

I drift into this coma like state,
Fighting the inevitable, It's getting late,
My eyes give one last blink,
I fall deeper in the the realm of sleep,

My eyes are shut, These images grotesque,
just thoughts....or so you would think?
Disturbing memories perhaps, of a time so dim,
My candle slowly fading into the darkest abyss,

I wake in screams, a cold sweat,
Why can't I have one nights sleep?
Always haunted by the past,
only if a good memories could last.

Adeline Foster 14 September 2012

This is well written although I would change the last line to read: If only good memories would last. OR I wish only good memories would last. Read mine - Memory is a Cheating Thing - Adeline

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Lenore Lee 16 October 2011

Fantastic. Memories always reform in our sleep for that is when we are defenseless enough to not be able to block them. Nightmares are truly memories that haunt us, I can relate to the scares, they attack me constanly.

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Dave Walker 16 October 2011

Really like this, i really know what your saying. The nightmares have been coming for me for years. A great write.

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