Whisper's Of The Heart Poem by Crimson Love

Whisper's Of The Heart

Rating: 4.6

When Love I bestow, it shall be upon thee,
My love like my life are yours, can't you see?
Your love more valuable than anything to me,
Your beautiful smile,
Your heart warming touch,
Your simple words, I love so much.

You can say nothing, and I can still hear you,
your heart whispering, telling me of its love,
It tells me its mine, forever and always,
carressing such beauty, I should count myself lucky,
Beauty can decieve but within you no lies I see.

Beauty unsurpassed, that is you,
so sweet, my sweet tooth cannot resist,
Your love so divine, This calls for intervention,
I'm becoming weaker, I've let you in,
You shall remain in my heart,
To this day.... forever.....
Even upon entering death,
our love shall remain.

Godfrey Morris 22 May 2015

A very lovely write by an awesome poet; especially one so young.

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No Ones Bidness 11 October 2011

Doesn't match the title but a really nice read show the love you hold in your heart

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Sumanta Roy 11 October 2011

Really its true love you explain here.

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Lenore Lee 10 October 2011

Gorgeous and true. How true love touches one's soul! How one's heart will always crave the other's. Love cannot exist without trust and trust cannot exist without love. It is so easy to let a person in if you trust and understand them, that is what this poem says to me.

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Ace Of Black Hearts 10 October 2011

Even upon death those we care about the most are always remembered. Even in the most harsh December the heart can only be temporarily frozen. It will be thawed and reawakened. Never will we settle for being forsaken. Such elevation as the temperature rises Love becomes of constant high. Always content till the very end. Great Poem Crimson, As Always Your Love Inspires.

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