The Island Poem by allan macli borges

The Island

Rating: 5.0

All Mankind on a drifting boat
Chasing day by day for a view of earth
They realize as never before,
They could not reach it anymore
Tears of oldest and children,
Cries of men and women
Salts the sea running below
All Mankind lies on a drifting boat
Wherever they go sorrow will be
Water and water all-around
And All Mankind wasted on it
Dreaming to touching the ground
No one care about eat or sleep
Eyes just trapped on the great sea

But persistent eyes always see
What so long it wanted to
And a magnificent island
From the fog it came through
Scared too much to talking
All mankind lands on its knees
Outstretched arms to the blue above
Kissing stones or hugging trees
All that souls in grateful released
Since this single day All Mankind
Gave its back to the great sea
They done what they thought was right
They choose fell the ground under them feet

Ahmad Shiddiqi 10 February 2009

adventurous and awesome! keep writing!

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ata khan 08 February 2009

Beautiful imagery, great poem. Thanks for sharing

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Catrina Heart 05 February 2009

Brilliance in composition have painted a nice imagery in a free verse composition...nice theme about humanity...10

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 02 February 2009

But some were livin without ever seen or touchin the sea.

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