Humans Have Developed, Then Why Not Rats? Poem by AISWARYA T ANISH

Humans Have Developed, Then Why Not Rats?

Rating: 4.3

Reader Beware: Check weather all the cupboards in your house are closed and all your precious things are rat-free. Yes? Then you can read this. ‘Cause anytime, any minute, any second, a rat attack can occur in your house.

“Humans have developed,
Then why not us? ”
Fired the rats at me;
When I stomped towards them,
For the rest of my juicy plum.

You won’t believe this, guys,
Rats have almost grounded me,
‘Cause they cut the wires,
When I sat down,
For my favourite show on T.V!

Women rats are filled with envy,
At my silk dresses,
This is truth as the day,
‘Cause they stole my favourite
And gave it back in ruins!

Disaster occurred one day,
When Dad checked for his bills
What he found was paper crumbs,
As if paid out in full!
This drove him mad and after them,
And he took in that it was of no use,
When he gaped at his toes,
Which were sticking out of-
His fresh set of socks!

These rats are perfect,
For starring Tarzan,
See for yourself,
If you don’t trust me,
‘Cause they traverse,
Through their network,
Of our T.V cables!

Didn’t they find a sharpener?
To cut my brand new pencil?
‘Cause when I checked for writing,
I found it badly wounded.

Forgave them, did I
“But who wants that? ”
They snapped at me,
And what they did next was to
Eat my painting brushes.

Drove me insane, did that,
And I went about a
Fruitless goose chase
And what they told me was
“We were only painting”

For a while, they left me,
To feast in mother’s kitchen,
Where she bellowed at them,
Into my toy heaven…!

When I woke up next day,
After a peaceful sleep,
A battle field, did I see
With balls and dolls, here and there!
But what was even dreadful
Was my doll Pup’s poor nose,
Torn apart, was her nostrils
And pulled out, was her eyes! !

And I bawled at my voice’s top
“Who’ll pay for her plastic surgery? ! ”

27th February 2009

(This is real life experience. One day, some rats came from nowhere and did these things to us. And when we tried to trap them with cheese, they took the whole chunk without being caught. At last, we drove them off. The thing that most struck me was my doll. It was my first gift and my painting brushes. I was screaming at the top of my voice when I found out these were damaged.)

© Copyright Aiswarya T Anish, Kerala, India

Salu Salu 01 June 2009

thanks rats for your naughties that caused a fantastic poetry from Aishu rgrds/salu.

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Tess Bybee 01 June 2009

Good job. This is a good poem.

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Tom Golding 02 June 2009

Very expressive I don't think they would make good pets. Keep this one aside for a few years and see how your ideas change as you grow. Good luck with your writing.

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Michaela Tatualla 03 June 2009

This one is really lovely to read! Good job little girl! You got the talent!

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Timothy Hollandsworth 03 June 2009

good write, thanx for bringing it to my attention

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Rajaram Ramachandran 22 August 2009

A very funny poem over a rat race incident. On the one side I laughed at the way you presented the picture and on the other side, I had symapthy for the loss of your favourite things.

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Irene Clark-hogg 22 July 2009

A delightful story of a distressing experience. I find your title interesting. Do you think that humans are so different to the rats?

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Pandian Angelina 11 July 2009

Sen through your eyes and the conversations you have with them makes it thoroughly enjoyable.A beautiful poem with childlike innocence. Definitely brings smiles. Angel

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premji premji 27 June 2009

funny but thoughtful............enjoyed 10

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Livvy Peacock 07 June 2009

Really unoriginal, inspiring and unexpected. I love the imagination behind it - I can't think of many other poets who would be able to think up such an idea.11/10

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