The Pagan Poem by Steven SRS

Steven SRS

Oakland California

The Pagan

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I am a pagan,
Worshiper of the false,
Believer in illusions,
Keeper of myths.

I am a pagan,
I build altars in holy temples,
Upon which I sacrifice the innocent,
All in the name of my beliefs.

I am a pagan,
I build walls, and strong are my defenses.
Stones of dogma, keep my mind safe inside,
From a world which would destroy my deities.

I am a pagan,
I believe that what I believe is true
Therefore, I can not be wrong,
And my beliefs can not be false.

I am a pagan,
Content with my truth,
I dream no dreams,
And I quest no quests.

NOTE: This poem is part of a series of allegorical poems about an imaginary realm known as the Land of Not. The title is 'The Pagan' and not 'Pagans of the Modern 21st century Earth'. This poem defines what a pagan is in the Land of Not, it does not seek to describe Paganism as is currently and to a degree vaguely followed by followers of this movement (aka Neopaganism/Neopaganists) .

If I want to consider anyone who holds a false theology a pagan and write a poem about it, then that is my right.

It's sort of interesting that my attackers, kind of bring the concept of the Pegan to life: 'Stones of dogma, keep my mind safe inside,
From a world which would destroy my deities.'


Patti Masterman 13 August 2009

Wow- you even brought the Satanists out from beneath the rocks with this. Always interesting to see who people's the poemhunter court. (smile) and I AM jealous! I love how resourceful minds keep seeking to order the world under their feet- hopeless task though it be! Your writing is rooted in bedrock. Keep it up! !

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Ian Bowen 12 August 2009

I agree with Peri...know you subject matter. Regards, Ian

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Peri Morgan 12 August 2009

Obviously you are NOT a pagan otherwise you would know that 'sacrifice' does not exist in the pagan or wiccan cultures. Sacrifice does not even exist in the satanic culture(yes I am a satanist) unless you consider it a sacrifice for lesser people not to like you. Learn something about the culture before you try to write about it please.

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Steven SRS

Oakland California
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