Why Cry? Poem by Vikrant Jog

Why Cry?

Rating: 4.8

In the clumsy room,
Was left a sick fellow,
In lament,
For the deeds,
Sedate numb,
Down in isolation,
To master a judgement,
Drawn by himself,
The regret,
The success,
The efforts in vain,
The black sorrow,
Or the rejoice,
Never embrace,
In permanent,
All of this is pre-planned,
By our own thee...

Hazel Durham 02 December 2012

A very deep and powerful poem about regrets, sorrow, success, lonliness all done by our own hands! Inspired write!

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Aung Si 16 December 2012

Starting from the title, I must say that deep feeling-sharing verses are absorbed in each line.Well done! ! ! I give u vote 9.

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Unwritten Soul 04 December 2012

Emotional poem and i felt it so much...i am sorry for late respond Vikrant..This is a nice work, i liked it lot of thought feeling situations and conditions now solidify as one matter in your Why CrY poem..very nice, keep writing_Soul

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 04 December 2012

i really praise this work. you have delivered your messages within your words i think the clumsy room is similar to our world.(some how. ha ha ha) perfect one.

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It was a good poem and a great messege, but if you want critism, I believe it needs more of a flow.

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Yash Shinde 03 December 2012

greta deep, powerful and true poem.............ture message that we ourselves are cause of all our problems :)

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