The Stalker Poem by louis rams

The Stalker

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first came the obsession stage
then their mind became full of rage.
it does not matter if they're man or woman
for it is the same, their obsession becomes a game.

it usually starts off as admiration or a desire
to be with a person who has sparked their fire.
they start to fantasize every day
and how in their lives, the role they'll play.

it starts off simply as becoming their mate
and when that fails it turns to hate.
but in their minds all they could see
is that it's a love 'between her/he and me.

they feel that it's their heart, thats in control
and that it will touch the others soul.
they can not see that they are obsessed
with an inner desire, and that they are
not a knight in shining armour.

soon their mind and actions become as one
then they may reach for a gun.
for in their mind they belong together
and that their lives will be much better.
but when they realize that they've been rejected
than their minds become more infected.

from here on they no longer become a talker
instead they change their hat to a STALKER.
they will follow the person all around
in hopes that they will have a chance
to be their savior, and then looked upon in favor.

they have no concept of the hurt that they create
and the fears that they put a person through.
but in their minds, thats not what they do.

they were put here to enter that persons life
to become their husbands or their wives.
in their minds, they can do no wrong
for their love is much too strong.

fear the STALKERS- for they know not what they do
don't let them get close to you.


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Dr Hitesh Sheth 23 July 2009

a great write indeed, mesmerizing....................

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Shashendra Amalshan 23 July 2009

hello my dear sir! ! ! hi this is my first visit to your page.. Christine Kerr said to me go and read this one from you, .. cause it just blew her away.. true indeed.. this one is great mind blowing write indeed.. and i sort of know this feeling too...this is splendid.... thanks for you and thanks chris.. to asking me to read this one..A++ with lots of love shan

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Kranthi Pothineni 23 July 2009

Nice words flowed i good rhythm. Last but one verse is really good. Nice write.

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Christine Kerr 23 July 2009

Wow, I'm speechless, So interesting, I think Leslie hit the nail on the head.

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Carol Gall 22 July 2009

good write and very truthful

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louis rams

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