Angels Vs. Demons Poem by louis rams

Angels Vs. Demons

Rating: 5.0

there is a battle raging within me
that i can't control.
of angels VS demons for my earthly soul.

i found that the demon can enter your mind
and at times control your thoughts
and try to get you to do things
you normally don't do..

if you are depressed
that's when he's at his best.
he fuels up the anger that
has built up inside
and gets you to believe all his lies.

he wants you to believe that
everything in life, is owed to you.
and tells you that
'this is what you have to do'.

take everything that you want in life
and no one will put up a fight.
for angels and humanity are weak as can be.
and he's here to set you free.

these are just a few of the lies
he will tell to you
to get you to do what he wants you to do.

then i have the angel with all its might
telling me that
'everything is going to be alright'

to believe and feel all that's in your heart
for that's how mankind got its start.
for the heart is the center of your soul
and is something the demon can't control.

so follow your heart like you do your deams
and don't let the demon get in between.

so in reality, i can say to you
the LORD gave you the power
to your heart be true.


Very nice message.The internal strife of good vs evil-humankind's toughest lesson...and love and forgiveness conquors all.A ten from me.

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Christine Kerr 09 March 2009

This looks like a master piece in the making, So easy to understand and to see how goodness and kindness will always win out Good Read 10++

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aye sir. Great.. one of your best poems yet! ! !

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Sandra Fowler 10 March 2009

I am thankful for guardian angels. A fine creative effort, Louis. Ten for inspiring poems. Warm regards, Sandra

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a lovely true..the demon takes charge when you are depressed

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a beautiful poem shows that the angels in you are your angels ended this poem beautifully...

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~ Jon London ~ 07 July 2009

The balance within us all.....the good and the bad...the devil on every shoulder....Louis you write with depth my friend....Deep insight piece...that many of us can relate...well crafted my friend ......keep expressing that poetic soul of your...your words speak volumes

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Lee-anne Siegel 31 May 2009

Thank you for your poem. I am knew to the site and was recommended through a friend to view your poems. They are heartfelt and beautiful and I have had to struggle with the same sort of battles that try and steer us away from the truth. It is refreshing to see that others do as well. Take care and keep writing. Thank you Lee-Anne

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Catrina Heart 20 March 2009

Awesome pictorial of demons when and how they will attack a person's life and having a guardian angel to lead us to the right path...great end lines...10+++

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Vaibhav Pandey 10 March 2009

i agree with les..this is certainly among your best...very good indeed..10

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