The Story Of A Girl Called Life Poem by Ivy Christou

The Story Of A Girl Called Life

Rating: 4.6

Once there was a little girl
Called Life.
Her mother was Love
And her father was Wisdom.
She was christened by Fate
When she was one
And since then she adored her godmother.
At school she was not very popular,
And some kids were mean to her.
Especially Egoism, Laziness and Malice
Were giving her a hard time.
But she had good friends to support her
All the way through
And her parents were always willing to help.
After she finished school
She lost contact with Innocence and Naiveté.
Their paths were now separated,
But she still remembered them
with love
and sometimes with nostalgia.
But somehow with Experience and Courage
They remained friends for a long time
And their friendship became stronger
as time passed by.

Somehow in a strange game of Fate
Somewhere inside my mind’s abyss,
In a moment with a horizontal clepsydra,
Our paths joined
And since then we are friends.

Sometimes she runs
And I’m walking.
So I’m left behind
And then she stops
To give me the chance to catch up.
Sometimes she is too tough
And I’m too weak.
So we fight, I get angry
And we compromise at the end.
But sometimes she is sweet,
Like an angel
And I don’t want to let her go.
The little girl has now become
A loving friend,
A precious mentor
A wise lady..

Uriah Hamilton 04 January 2006

A beautiful poem, I'm saying my prayers in an attempt to make life my friend as well!

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Lara W.a 19 October 2005

Dear Ivy, This is wonderful, beautiful, meaningful & so ever lovely. Liked it so much. I sincerely think that u're one of the best poets around here =) Will read more of ur work when i get the chance to, TC.

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Max Reif 06 October 2005

I like this one too. The allegory you create by personifying the qualities of 'Life' works for me. And your relationship to this figure, who has become your mentor etc, does too. Neat poem.

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