The Story Of Us **1** Poem by diana rose tolentino

The Story Of Us **1**

Rating: 4.8

I thought I could believe
That everything would be alright.
I thought it would be enough
To trust someone just like that.

Guess I was wrong,
And I should have known,
Some thing might be false,
Just trick someone throws.

I just can't bear the pain,
Though I keep on smiling.
Pretending not to bother,
Pretending I' not hurting.

I am such a failure,
Realized it just now.
Because even how much I tried,
I just can't win against this heart.

I like you, yes I do.
God knows I tried not to.
God knows I tried to forget you.
But still I fell for you.

Now what else can I do,
It's hard for me to see you.
I am a coward, I know.
This time I'll run away from you.

I know that it would hurt,
But at least it won't break.
Shattered as it already is,
To million pieces I can't fix

I wish when I'm finally gone,
Away from your sight and you from mine,
We'll be better off this time,
Wishing I will do just fine.

My inspiration to this poem is 'Boys Over Flower', a Korean drama series. Those who are familiar to the story will relate to this poem as well. It is too long for others so I cut it into parts.
Cheryl Tutaan 21 June 2017

I am a coward, I know. This time I'll run away from you. 😊 We'll be better off this time, Wishing I will do just fine... Sometimes, it's really hard to let go the feelings whom we loved so much...but there is always a perfect one destined for us, remember? ... Such a beautiful write...You are not a coward, I am truly impressed with your intrepid attitude towards life...just follow your dreams...Thank you for sharing, A big 10++++ You can visit my poem Under the Moonlight... Thanks, Diana

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Chinedu Dike 14 June 2017

Lovely and inspirational. It's always difficult to let go and walk away from an unfulfilling love, but it's the best decision after all. A well drafted poem. Thanks for sharing.

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Ency Bearis 28 August 2013

A beautiful introspection about love though poignant, but the emotive narration can touch the readers, nice write.

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Sharron Stephenson 08 September 2011

i kn ow the pain you are going through i felt the same way when i was married he cheated on me with my best friend and may have a baby with her at the moment i feel i cannot trust men but there will some day when i can and you will feel the same the poem is well written and so heart felf with a lot of soul please do not let this person pull you down the fight in your heart will keep you going

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Romeo Della Valle 07 September 2011

A love story that really moved me tremendously! Honest and sincere coming from the bottom of your heart, I feel! This romantic poem clearly gives you away and shows your great poetic talent! 10+++ Keep inspiring the World with more of your great thought provoking writes! Thank you for your valuable comments on my poems! God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City! ...

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diana rose tolentino

diana rose tolentino

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