The Top 500 Poet List Blues Poem by Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler

The Top 500 Poet List Blues

Rating: 3.4

i can never find my name on the top 500 list
of which, none of the poets or poems belie
all of my chums are in the top 500
why, oh why, not i?

i know i’m not the best poet out there
but i also know i’m not the worst
so if i’m not in the top 500
i must be the Five-Hundred First!


Some of these 'poets' (she said tongue-in-cheek) vote for themselves over and over again. Another 'poet' (she said facetiously) told me how it's done... So...if anyone of true calibre loves your work, Jake....beam about that... Your stuff is my kind of stuff! Hoo-rah for the non-pussification of pure poetry!

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Sallie Howson 15 August 2005

ohh think that was said for all of us...great poem

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Dawn Fuzan 13 May 2014

Jacob Amazing poetic style here, well done

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Melvina Germain 22 November 2006

Cute little poem and fun to read, I like it very much. I'm sure you will make the top 500 sooner or later. Keep writing, you have several fans out here.--Melvina--

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Chuck Audette 25 April 2006

I'm shooting for the notoriety of being in the worst 20 poets list. - chuck

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Ian Curtis 19 November 2005

Who needs a list. (Im only upset cos im not up there either. I must be five hundred and two) Ian

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Uriah Hamilton 15 August 2005

Remember Han Shan who wrote on trees and stones and leaves and didn't care if anybody read them. I dig your stuff, Jake.

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