Courtship Poem by Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler


Rating: 3.7

to write a poem
for a woman's favour:
it is fraught with misery and pain

with a poet man's heart and
stout esteem to lose
and his lady's disdain to gain

Michael Shepherd 15 February 2005

puts you right there with the Elizabethans. Consider your buckle swashed.

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Uriah Hamilton 14 May 2006

God Bless the ladies, God Bless the poets! ! If I ever write a poem that get's the lady, that will indeed be my favorite poem, I can't tell that they've served any other purpose, but I keep trying to write anyway, and I'm glad you do as well! ! ! Uriah

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Cj Heck 14 December 2005

It's a chance we all take, Jake, putting our feelings ' out there', but with your talent, I know you could do it and do it well, gaining the lady's love and respect in the process. Great poem. Warmest regards and respect, CJ

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Marcy Jarvis 22 September 2005

ooo... I love this one.

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Nobody Dude 21 April 2005

It absolutely amazes me how much you are able to say, in so few words. I'm not an experienced poet, but you're an inspiration.

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Amberlee Carter 16 February 2005

this is exactly the kind of poem I needed to read this morning...Thanks for sharing it

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