For Laura Poem by Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler

For Laura

Rating: 3.8

i remember staying up with you that heavy night
passing a bottle of raspberry wine back and forth
as we dragged ourselves thru a thick conversation
about prom night car crashes and brushes with death
you lazily took the last swig from the bottle
before you gazed out the window
i could have sworn you wanted to blame me
but instead you told me you were ready for bed
so i drunkenly hoisted you
out of your prisoner’s chair
and tossed you giggling onto the naked mattress
to lay down beside your ballerina's body and hold you
an injured bird trembling in my clumsy hands

we manufactured feelings
that had been lost somewhere between
the horizon and that hotel room
you told me sensation was merely
a new memory but you still knew
how to please a man
the candle’s glow flickered and bounced
around the room to the rhythm of our breaths
as you lamented that
you would dance like that flame
if you still had use of your legs

Amberlee Carter 12 April 2005

awwww...i don't know what to say, for real yo! This is stunning should write more like it....Excellent! 10 from me

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***** ***** 12 April 2005

Loving and tender.. nice work, Sx

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Michael Shepherd 12 April 2005

Just glorious! Made my day.

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Ben No 20 April 2007

Jesus, that's heartbreaking. Elegantly written and tender, without shying away from the brutal truth of the situation. I'm really impressed by this, I think it's brilliant.

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Vincent James Turner 26 November 2006

I have read this poem 6 times today, and each time I feel like i have just fallen out of a tree, the ending hits you hard. I really admire how you are able to lure the reader into the scene, every one writes about a candle at night, its nothing new, yet you make it sound so fresh, and give it another angle when the girl says she would dance like the flame it only.......... i dont want to come across as an obsessed fan, but I rarely feel so included when I read poetry, your work has agreat appeal.

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Ian Curtis 19 November 2005

A great poem and oh so sad. Ian

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Uriah Hamilton 18 May 2005

Damn, Jake, you are a poet!

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Poetry Hound 12 April 2005

Really nice, Jake. You have the eye.

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