Crotch Rocket Poem by Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler

Crotch Rocket

Rating: 3.9

i was jealous, but i don’t know why
perhaps it was because i felt emasculated,
picturing you on the back of that crotch rocket
tightly hugging his denim-clad middle-aged belly trying
to hang on as he whisked you thru the streets of town
with the wind in your hair and a laugh on your tongue

no doubt he fantasized as you both rode
about how he wished you would straddle his
fat waist like you straddled that wide seat
riding him and laughing and whipping your hair
like the winds against his hairy chest,
tracing his tattoos with your slender fingers

but you are quite the ingénue
and your youth endows you the spontaneity
to just hop on the back of some strange mechanic’s
Harley while his slack-jawed lackeys who
rotate your tires look on in envy
wishing they had a Harley, too

and perhaps i felt threatened because,
while that same mechanic gleefully surfs
the crest of his midlife crisis,
i drive an SUV with a baby seat strapped in the back
i can see the tide of my own midlife crisis
start to roll in to drag me out to sea

Anna Russell 14 March 2007

Well, if she's that shallow then she'll soon get sick of the motorcycle helmet messing up her hair, so don't sweat it! A really enjoyable write Jake, wry, bittersweet and touching. Hugs Anna xxx

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Gina PrettyBrownEyes 28 July 2006

awww! you are my latest husband now. cuz i love your poems so much. you're really helping me understand the male species. and hey, i think its cute when guys have a baby seat in their car. don't feel sad. :) babies are the best way to strike up a conversation with someone. seriously.

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Max Reif 19 October 2005

really vivid, honest pictures, Jake, held my acute interest all the way through.

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Rich Hanson 08 April 2005

I enjoyed this poem, Jake. You expressed the feelings that I've felt as well as I slid into married life and relative conformity.

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kenneth william snow 07 April 2005

Catch that wave Jake...and ride it for all your worth. Kenneth

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