~the Town Is Burning! ~ Poem by Magic What'sHerName

~the Town Is Burning! ~

Rating: 2.5

This life is no longer safe
The only hiding spot is this cave
So I take a few steps inside
I let the tears fall as I cried
The world as I know it is burning to the ground
Everyone screamed and I can hear their sound
Who would have thought this town
With all the people I love and hate would make me frown?

This cave is no longer lonely
Theres a light and its glowy
As I take a step toward the light
I swear there is going to be a fight
A man comes out of the shadows
The smell! It smells like meadows
Now I smell smoke
I swear to God I'm going to choke!

The man lunges toward me
What had I ever done to he
Who has me trapped in his hands?
Tell me because I don't understand!
Who is this strange man?
I'll tell you what I can
To make you feel better
He says and hands me a letter...

He was the one I loved
I told him I lived above
And that I've had enough
I didn't know he'd go insane
And I didn't know he'd try to gain
Me back by burning everything down
Including my family and this town!

Goodbye, love!
I've had too much of this, so enough!
You need to leave
My love you won't receive
I've moved on and so must you
Why can't you get a clue?
This is not what I wanted from you!

So go and make this better, my old friend
For this revenge, yes it must end
Go rebuild your life with a new town
Get over me and you won't frown
So goodbye forever
And I don't ever
Want to see your face, NEVER!

*(A poem for a crazy ex) *

Saadat Tahir 14 July 2009

very candid and crisp.. a bit sad...all ended romances are....but u paint a horrifying picture...almost brutal...someone who needs help.... you did a great poem....your footnote is alarming as its the real stuff...gut and rut watch out and tc cheers

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