*depression* X Poem by Magic What'sHerName

*depression* X

Rating: 2.8

I just feel so down
I only frown
I have no smile left
Depression is a theft
I hate that I feel this way
I wish my feelings will go away
But I guess they're here to stay
I feel like I don't care
But I swear
That I can't bare
To be without feelings
And my heart isn't healing
Like it should
But I would
Do anything to take the pain away
I'd do it today
I wish I could talk about it
But my parent's would throw a fit
If they found out my reasons
It's just not the right season
To tell them how I feel
But I'll make you a deal
I'll tell you
If you believe it's true
Do you?
Good because you should
Now I could
Tell you all about it
But please don't throw a fit
It's because of my dad
He makes me so sad
And then he gets mad
At me for nothing
And I'd do anything
To make him proud of me
But he can't see
That I try too hard
I play the wrong card
Because he has no clue
That I'm sick with the depression flu
And my mom
Tries to play dumb
She says she'll love me no matter what
But she still treats me like a mut
I still have feelings
Even if my heart isn't healing
I can still feel the pain
That they're making me gain
I want you to accept me
But you can't see
That I am what I am
And you side with them
And you don't accept me
I just want to be me
And I want them to love me
I wanna make them proud of me!

*(A poem that tells so many secrets of mine, A poem where my parents wished they weren't mine, A poem that proves I'm not fine.) *

Alandra Moreira 25 June 2009

Don't worry about parents when the time come when you finally get tired and leave they will then realize that their lives are nothing without you. They might not admit it know but they will.. they care.. trust me I come from similar situations like the ones you write about. Just wanted you to know I see you, I hear you, I feel your pain, and I am here for you. I understand... beautiful beautiful poetry by the way.

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great job godo way of expressing your emotions

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Wow this is deep i have a poem titiled depression but yours kicks mine away hands down I don; t know what i would do if my parents weren't acceptive of me

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Sam Stough 03 April 2009

I can most definitely relate to this, great job and keep writing, Scott!

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Jazz Annis 24 June 2009

anyone can see that u try so hard to impress ur parents...well even though i'm 16 too i can tell you i'm proud of you...for staying so strong!

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Greek Goddess 01 May 2019

I actually know how you feel. Having that sickness on anyone and not getting rid of it. Not thinking what's the problem. My parents didn't know that I had depression cause they don't care....even if they say they do....Having a trauma hitting you hard not do anything like smiling or hanging out with friends and such.....This poem hit me by heart

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Sayz LFlynn 30 December 2009

I can honestly say I know how you feel! but dont worrie as you age it becomes easyer and then you can leave and live your own life! great poem!

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That really stinks: (I don't relate to what you're going through with that, but I get depression, and I know it's awful. I love your line, 'I don't wanna go without feeling'. I know what you mean. Very expressive.

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BEAU GOLDEN 21 July 2009

U will grow stronger each day. put your face up to the sun sometimes. it's ok. Great poem revealing all you are feeling w a rhyme and a little bounce in its step of hope.

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Rabi Anata 08 July 2009

continue to express yourself the way you know how. Just don't keep this bottled in, or you will break. i hope you are encouraged by this. feel better: ] (great poem)

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