A Girl Can Dream X Poem by Magic What'sHerName

A Girl Can Dream X

Rating: 3.1

I lock myself in my room
And I hear a loud boom
He tries to open my door
But I'm right next to it on the floor
Crying until my tears are gone.

Finally he stops
He gives in with a loud pop
The door falls over
And I roll over
I don't wanna die that way
If I die I'll do it the right way
A girl can only hope it'll work that way.

I'll wait until it's my time
Then whatever is mine
Can be thrown away
Not like he wanted it anyway

My dad walks in
He tries to pin
Me to the ground
And tells me not to make a sound
I ignore him, and scream
Hopefully someone switched teams
A girl can only dream.

When it was all over
I moved forward
To the door
Wishing there weren't four
People standing so close
But I hope they chose
To be on my team
A girl can only dream.

They tied up my wrists
There were so many twists
I can't tell if they used one or two ropes
A girl can only hope.

There were a bunch of strange men
Saying exactly what they can
Do to this girl
They tell me to go and curl
Into a ball and try to hide
But I let that slide
I stand my ground
And I don't make a sound

They look at me and frown
Then they try to drown
Me and I can't breathe
I wish I could just leave
Then I wouldn't be put in this much pain
I swear my dad's the main
One in charge of these creeps.

He doesn't care what happens to me
Why should he?
It's not like he ever wanted me
Why should he?
I'm just some stupid mistake
And my heart breaks
So easily.

*(my father abusive poem) *

Alandra Moreira 25 June 2009

Intense, horrifing in a bad also in a good way, and too true for many girls. Thanks you for the meaningful read.

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Hakurasen Lee 25 June 2009

wow im blown away..that was a beautiful poem!

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Alex Lewis 22 June 2009

WOW! You are a powerful writer. Good job!

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